APEX Monitor Mount - Triple Desk Mount (expandable)
APEX Monitor Mount - Triple Desk Mount (expandable)


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Holds up to 30" monitors
Mfg List Price: $1,120.00
Price [USD]: $1,120.00
Sale Price [USD]: $679.95
Savings [USD]: $440.05

Availability: 2 - 3 Business Days
Product #: E-900-SERIES-B03

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The Apex Single Tiered Triple Horizontal Expandable LCD Monitor Mount maximizes workstation space in multi-screen environments like financial trading floors, call centers, and command and process control centers. This beautifully designed and engineered Apex accommodates 3 flat screen monitors sized from 19” to 30” in multiple arrays and configurations.
Ergotech’s interchangeable components enable this unit to quickly scale from 3 to 10 screens from a single mounting point. This Apex solution is available in multiple finishes, colors, and textures, providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to any multi-screen environment.
Ergotech’s legendary tool-less design translates into easy set up and adjustment. The Apex utilizes Ergotech’s patented quick release, micro-adjustable pivot for fast, easy installations. moves, add-ons, and changes.
Effortless monitor adjustment ensures instant, personalized ergonomic comfort. Workplace comfort and productivity are directly linked and Ergotech is a leader in ergonomically inspired monitor mounting solutions. The Apex Single Tiered Triple Horizontal Expandable LCD Monitor Mount allows for customized monitor positioning which makes every task easier whether you are viewing financial data, reviewing documents, tracking phone communications, or engaging in other activities.
Monitors can be positioned in both landscape and portrait modes and in combinations of the two. With minimal adjustment, monitors can be easily tiled together to create a seamless block of information. The vertical adjustment handle facilitates the simultaneous up and down movement of this tiled block of information, allowing fast and easy ergonomic placement.
The Apex Single Tiered Triple Horizontal Expandable LCD Monitor Mount exemplifies Ergotech’s flexible and scalable design. With the addition of key interchangeable parts, this unit can support from 3 to 10 monitors.
See following Mounting Types:
Dual Flush Mount
Dual flush mounts can be fastened to any flat surface with screws or through-bolts (preferable). The dual flush mount is available in numerous bottom plate configurations. These allow mounting to multiple interfaces such as rail with T nuts and recessed with standard nut and bolt or simple screws. The dual flush mount provides extra strength and stability for multiple monitor mounting solutions.
Dual Slat Wall Mount
The dual slat wall mount is designed for multiple monitor mounting solutions. Contact Ergotech to verify compatibility between your slat wall and our dual slat wall bracket mount.
  • Patented quick release, micro-adjustable pivot provide one-step mounting and dismounting
  • Expands from 2 to 10 monitors quickly and cost effectively
  • Mounts 2 monitors with ease
  • Quick set up, installation, adjustment
  • Precision monitor adjustments
  • Tool-less design
  • Lifetime Warranty

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