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MagConnect iPad Stand, Annotating Overhead Projector Mount (height adjustable)
Overhead iPad Projector Stand


Mfg List Price: $179.95
Price [USD]: $179.95

Shipping Lead Time: 1 - 2 Business Days

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iPad Air (MMA212)
iPad Air 2 (MMA312)
iPad 2, 3 and 4th Generation (MMA112)
iPad Mini (MME212)

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iPad Case (aXtion Pro) Waterproof [Add $124.95]

If a picture is worth a thousand words…
how about live video and words! Illustrate
is the ultimate solution for presenting and annotating live video in the classroom or lecture hall using an iPad or iPad mini.

The Illustrate iPad stand and the free Illustrate app combine to make demonstrating your
important ideas easier than ever.

The Illustrate iPad App


Capture live video and display it on a TV, projector, or interactive whiteboard using your Apple TV or a wired connection.

In addition to live video, the Illustrate App can also broadcast still images and provides an in-app whiteboard or blackboard.


Draw diagrams and even type labels onto the live feed to clearly communicate your important ideas


Easily capture still images of your annotations from within the app. These images can be shared with students afterwards or conveniently used for future handouts.

How it works

The Illustrate™App utilizes the iPad’s built-in screen mirroring, so it can display contents over wifi to an Apple TV or over a wired connection to TV’s, projectors, or interactive whiteboards.

The Illustrate Stand

Adjustable Design

The Illustrate Stand is height adjustable,
so you have full control over your presentation.

And there are two connection ports on the heavy-duty base, so you have your choice of where to mount your iPad

Experience the Magic of MagConnect™

Lightweight Strength

MagConnect™ mounts are built of high-quality carbon fiber arms. This advanced material is surprisingly lightweight yet incredibly strong.

The powerful combination of carbon fiber with carefully designed joints produces mounts that are both easy to maneuver and sturdy to use.

Spherical Joints

MagConnect™ mounts come equipped with spherical joints for ultimate customizability. The included MagConnect™ iPad holder can be swiveled 360° to easily transition from portrait to landscape mode without removing it from the mount.

And the sturdy carbon fiber arms can also be adjusted into infinite configurations providing you with the perfect angle every time.

Magnetic Personality

The MagConnect™ locking mechanism is the next step in the evolution of mobile mounts. The technology is advanced, but using it is quite simple.

First, the iPad is secured into a hard-shell case equipped with a powerful magnet. When the case is attached to a compatible product, another magnet instantly interlocks your MagConnect™ shell with a receiver, while a precision screw tightens for a secure fit.

Illustrate iPad Stand Overhead Projector Mount, Height Adjustable

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