Choose a Pole Mount, Pole Clamp or Pole Bracket for your Monitor or TV

Choose from a wide selection (many makes and models) of pole mount solutions for your monitor and TV. To simplify the selection process, we have defined the pole mounts by weight, size, number of monitors and finally the functionality of the pole mount.

Our standard pole mounts are compatible with poles from 1 to 3 inch outside dimensions. There is such a wide variation of pole mount options that it's best to contact us if you don't see exactly the configuration that's right for you.

Much can be done to upgrade existing pole mount systems, not to mention the customized build of the pole mount that fits in the space needed and offers the exact movement and functionality needed.

Feel free to use our LIVE CHAT tool to speak to one of our product experts; we are adding new mounting solutions every day and have access to many more mounts than you'll see on our website.

A few things to consider when Selecting a Pole Mount or Pole Bracket:
  • Is my Monitor Compatible with the Pole Mount I will Choose:
    Most manufacturers use a universal mounting pattern called VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) that allows the mounting of your computer monitor to a monitor mount. For this reason, it's important that you know what mounting pattern your monitor has, and compare that with the mount specifications. Noone wants to get their new mount, only to find out their monitor won't mount to it. But not to worry, we are your mount specialist.

  • Will the Mount I Choose Accommodate the Size and Weight of my Monitor:
    We have clearly listed the monitor size, weight and the number of monitors the mount will support. Many monitors are now widescreen and if your mounting more than one, it's crucial to check the width parameters of the desk monitor mount or desk arm before purchasing. Same with weight, if you have an articulating arm, and the mechanism is designed for certain weights to work properly, make sure you check for weight compatibility.

  • Will the Pole Mount I Choose Attach to my EXISTING POLE mount system:
    The pole mount attached to the actual pole in different ways based on the mount manufacturer. But most pole mounts or pole clamps are based on the pole diameter, typically 1.5 to 3 inch poles. Best thing to do is use our LIVE CHAT; we are happy to help and our mount specialist are standing by to assist you.