Shipping Information at

At we offer many products from many manufacturers. Some offer shipping included in the cost of the product, where others do not. Some allow us to ship internationally, some control only US based shipping. Because of this, we have general shipping policies listed below.

Shipping Costs
Many products on our website include free shipping. To determine whether there is a shipping charge, find that information right on the product page before entering the shopping cart.

  • If a product includes free shipping, you will see the words "Free Shipping Included" right below the product price
  • If the product does have a shipping charge, you will be able to see the shipping cost once you enter your shipping address during checkout
  • The term Free Shipping, as seen in our store, refers to all addresses in the 48 Contiguous United States
  • The following states are not part of the contiguous United States and do not offer free shipping: Alaska, Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, North Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands

Upgraded Shipping
If you would like to expedite the shipping of your order, please note that when you checkout and pay for your order.

  • Once we receive your expedited shipping request, we will calculate shipping costs
  • We will contact you with shipping options and ask for your approval
  • Upon approval, we will add the shipping charges to your order and send you a new order confirmation
  • Your order will not be processed and your card will not be charged until we receive an approval of the revised order with upgraded shipping added
  • If you need to determine the shipping charges prior to order, please email us or use our live chat utility to place your request
Shipping Lead Times
Each manufacturer warehouse has different shipping procedures which causes lead times to vary depending on product ordered. You can find general lead times on the product page before entering the cart ( see the word "Shipping Lead Time" right below the product price).

Shipment Tracking
Once your order departs the shipping warehouse we are provided the shipment tracking information. We then provide you the shipment tracking by email.

International Shipping
The shipping costs listed on our website are applicable to the contiguous United States only. International orders require special handling, which we are happy to offer as a service to our customers. All international orders will require approval of international shipping costs associated with the order.

  • Once your order is received, shipping costs will be calculated
  • Your order will be updated to include the shipping costs and sent to you for review and approval
  • Your order will not be processed and your card will not be charged until we receive an approval of the revised order with shipping added
  • Once your order ships, you will be contacted by the shipping carrier to pay any duties or fees associated with the order as controlled by your municipality

Damage During Shipment Lead Times
Please take special note, you only have 10 days to report damage to your shipment. If it is past this time, we cannot resolve the issue in your favor. For damage claims that are correctly filed, you can expect replacement value of the item, with same or equal value.

Lost Shipments
Once your order leaves the shipping warehouse, possession of the order transfers to the customer. At this point our responsibility ends as we have received, processed and shipped your order. We have incurred all costs relating to the order and fulfilled our responsibility to the customer.

  • If the shipment is lost in transit, we will work with the shipping company on behalf of you the customer, but we cannot replace the order at no charge. To do this would mean we would pay for the order twice which we cannot do.

  • A freight claim will be opened on the customers behalf to investigate the location of the order. It may have been lost in transit, damaged or undeliverable, delivered to the wrong address, or stolen from the customer address to name a few. In any case, it takes a few days to a few weeks for the shipping company (usually UPS or Fedex) to resolve the lost shipment claim.

  • If the package is found, the shipping company will deliver the order. If the shipment is lost due to an error of the shipping company, they will reimburse the shipping warehouse so that a replacement shipment can be processed and sent. This can take several weeks to resolve.

  • If the order/package is stolen or it is determined that the customer has the package but is claiming they do not, the shipping company will not reimburse the shipping warehouse. This is the worse case scenario and the customer has no recourse for the replacement of the order. The customer many times looks to us to replace the order, but we cannot as we have already incurred all costs for the order/shipment and have fulfilled our responsibility for order fulfillment.