Video Wall and Display Mounts - TV Mounts for the Wall, Ceiling, Pole, or Freestanding

We have brought together video wall and display mount systems from the leading manufacturers, offering video wall mount systems for every display application. Choose from several different TV mount types, whether you want it mounted to the wall, brought down from the ceiling, hung on a pole, or freestanding on the floor, we have a video wall display mount to meet your needs.

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Due to the modular nature of the video wall mounts we carry, the possibilities are endless. Please feel free to speak to one of our mount experts to configure the right video wall application for your needs. Please feel free to use the "Request Assistance" feature above.

Please see a list of "video wall basics" below to consider with designing, ordering product, and the installation of a video wall display mounting system.

Video Wall Design Suggestions

Determine where you want the display(s) to float as well as the number and size of each display.

  • It is suggested that a diagram of the mounting environment with measurements is created.

Order the displays needed for the project. Be sure to schedule the displays to arrive a few days before installation.

  • It is important to Inspect the condition of the displays at time of delivery for shipping damage.

Now that the displays have been selected, the video wall mounting system can be ordered.

  • The technical specifications of the displays will be needed to determine the size, weight, and VESA hole pattern.
  • The mounting location and mounting surfaces are needed at this point to determine if the video wall is to be mounted to a horizontal (ceiling) or vertical (wall) surface, or if a freestanding and/or mobile solution is needed.
  • Again, just as with the displays, it's important that the mounting system arrive a few days prior to installation.

Additional Video Wall Considerations

At this point, the most important thing is that all components and accessories are delivered and inspected prior to the install date.

  • We can assist you in ordering the correct and complete mounting system so that on install day, you are not left short of some needed component or accessory.
  • Click Here to request assistance from one of our mounting experts.
  • Be sure you have ordered the appropriate cabling, security devices, CPU's, and CPU mounts needed for the installation. It is suggested that you have a few extra cables on hand in the case of length variants.
  • Be sure to examine all components/accessories that are part of the video wall installation ahead of time. This will allow you the ability to order last minute items and not increase product costs and sacrifice scheduled project completion.
  • Failure to procure the displays, mounting systems, and necessary components/accessories in a timely manner can cause increased project costs. Increased costs can manifest in the delay of the project installation, additional installer costs, expensive shipping costs, or other applicable expenses.

Feel free to contact our offices by phone at 541.690.8352 or use our LiveChat feature below. We look forward to partnering with you on your video wall project and ease the stress and complication by using our experience, our proven vendor relationships, and available expedited shipping services.

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