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Surface Mount for your Phone, Phablet or Tablet
Surface Mount for Phone and Small Tablets


This surface mount is compatible with phones and small and medium tablets.

  • Attaches to any flat surface, either horizontal or vertical
  • Choose from one or more tablet holders compatible with phones, phablets and small tablets
  • Lifetime warranty

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Price [USD]: $79.95
Sale Price [USD]: $69.95
Savings [USD]: $10.00

Shipping Lead Time: Usually Ships is 1 to 4 Weeks
Product #: RAM-SM

Select Size of Device

For Tablets up to 5.75 inches Wide
For Tablets up to 8.1 inches Wide [Add $30.00]
For Phones up to 3.25 inches Wide [Subtract -$7.00]
For Phones up to 4.5 inches Wide [Subtract -$5.00]


This phone, phablet and tablet surface mount is the perfect ELD mount, allowing you to attach it to any flat surface, either horizontal or vertical. Included is a the mount base with a one inch ball, a double socket arm, and an X-Grip device holder. There are three sizes of X-Grip holders available depending on the size of your device; one for your smartphone, one for larger phones and phablets, and one for smaller tablets.

The spring loaded X-GripĀ® cradle expands and contracts, allowing for a perfect custom fit of your device. Below you will find the specifics of each of the three X-Grip holders so you can order the correct one for your device. At time of order, you can also order more than one of the X-Grip holders if you want to switch between your phone and tablet.

X-Grip Holder for Small Tablets up to 5.75" wide:

Minimum Width = 2.5" (Minimum Height = 7")
Maximum Width = 5.75" (Minimum Height = 4")
Depth/thickness = 0.875"

X-Grip Holder for tablets up to 8.1" Wide:

Minimum Width = 6.25" - Maximum Width = 8.1" (Minimum Height = 3.25")
Depth/thickness = 0.875"

X-Grip Holder for SmartPhones up to 4.5" Wide:

Minimum Width = 1.75" (Minimum Height = 5.5")
Maximum Width = 4.5" (Minimum Height = 3.25")
Depth/thickness = 0.875"

X-Grip Holder for SmartPhones up to 3.25" Wide:

Minimum Width = 1.875" (Minimum Height = 4.25")
Maximum Width = 3.25" (Minimum Height = 2.25")
Depth/thickness = 0.875"

  • Spring loaded cradle expands and contracts for perfect fit of your device
  • Rubber coated tips will hold your device firm and stable
  • Socket technology allows for multiple adjustment angles and articulation of your device
  • Full access to all ports
  • Lifetime warranty

(4 qty) RAM X-GripĀ® Post Caps
Price [USD]: $6.99

(4 qty) RAM X-Grip® Post Caps