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Telescoping Suction Cup Mount for your SmartPhone or Phablet
Telescoping Suction Cup Mount for your SmartPhone or Phablet


This telescoping suction cup mount fits almost any smartphone or phablet and offers industry leading suction cup technology.

  • Compatible with smartphones from 2.25 to 3.75 inches in width
  • Mounts to any smooth non-porous surface, horizontal or vertical
  • Telescoping arm offers 18 inches of extension, perfect for vehicles with deep dashboards
  • Highly adjustable with a full range of tilt, turn and rotation functionality
  • Quick release button allows for easy phone access
  • Rubberized grippers and foam backed cradle won’t scratch your device
Price [USD]: $59.95
Sale Price [USD]: $57.95
Savings [USD]: $2.00

Product #: PA-15509


Designed for today’s smartphones with large touchscreens, thin bezels and various button and charging port configurations, the new PanaVise PortaGrip is the latest product in the 20+ years history of PanaVise phone holders under the PortaGrip name.

Paired with PanaVise’s industry leading suction cup technology, the new PortaGrip provides a secure in-vehicle mounting solution for your phone. It attaches firmly to the vehicle windshield and stays mounted in hot or cold. Mount the suction cup to any smooth non-porous surface, either horizontal or vertical.

This mount was reviewed by CNET.com; in their review, they that said that this mount "is as durable as they come." Click Here to read the review.

  • Side arms adjust from 2.25" to 3.75" in width to fit nearly any phone or phablet
  • Once the arm width is set, phone is easily removed by rocking it to the side with a one-handed motion
  • Rubberized indexed grippers and foam backed cradle won’t scratch your device
  • Vertical low profile grips allow full access to touch screens
  • Quick release button for easy phone access
  • Ratcheted feet allow for access to data ports
  • PanaVise Tilt, Turn & Rotate = fully adjustable
  • Low profile design minimizes mount behind phone
  • Premium, telescoping suction cup mount with industry-leading PanaVise suction cup technology
  • Specifically designed for extra reach! Length can be adjusted after installation.
  • Telescoping arm extends up to 18”. Perfect for vehicles with deep dashboards such as trucks and vans.
  • Mount should be installed at the base of windshield with the shaft resting on dashboard to support against excessive leverage.
  • Powerful suction cup mounts to vehicle windshield. Easily move from vehicle to vehicle or stow for security