Sit Stand Desk for 1 to 3 Monitors, Clamp Mount
Sit Stand Desk Clamp Monitor Mount


This Sit Stand Desk will convert your traditional desk in to an ergonomic sit-to-stand workstation, offering a generous height adjustment with unrivaled stability. Use it as a Monitor Stand, or choose an optional Monitor Arm.

  • Support up to 28.6 lbs. in total load capacity

  • For Desks up to 2.95” thick, and with an edge of at least 3.7"

  • For Desks no less than 18.9" deep and no more than 31"

  • When choosing an optional monitor arm, please note that many more choices are available than the ones we give below. Please contact us for assistance if needed.
Price [USD]: $155.00

Shipping Lead Time: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product #: AT-STSCB

Select Optional Monitor Arm

1 Monitor (VF-AT) [Add $124.00]  
2 Monitors (VF-AT-D) [Add $234.00]  
Monitor/Laptop Combo (VF-AT-NBC) [Add $294.00]  
3 Monitors (SYS-ST137140S) [Add $380.00]  


The Atdec sit stand desk is a quick and easy way to convert any traditional desk into a height adjustable one. This desk clamp is remarkably sturdy and designed to support a total load capacity of 28.6 lbs. and is compatible with desks up to 2.95" in thickness.

Sit-to-stand desks decrease the stresses on the body that are associated with the traditional office space. By alternating between sitting and standing throughout the work day points of pressure can be spread evenly around the body, minimizing the chances of developing office place injuries.

Product Features

  • Quickly and easily turns any desktop into a sit-to-stand workstation

  • Adjustable gas-strut assistance for smooth height re-positioning

  • Integrated keyboard and mouse tray with a soft padding for comfort: 23.6”x 9.6”

  • Supports desk up to 2.95” in thickness and with an edge of at least 3.7"

  • Clamping bracket can be adjusted in 2” increments back to front for the optimal positioning

  • When adjusted to a seated position, keyboard can lowered below the level of the desk for enhanced versatility

  • Constructed of Steel and all mounting hardware is included

Total Load Capacity

This sit stand desk has a total load capacity of 28.6 lbs., which means anything placed on the mount, like keyboard and mouse, monitors, and any monitor mount to be attached. The weight of most modern LCD/LED monitors is pretty light, but when using this as a triple sit stand desk, pay close attention to the load capacity.

The average weight of a keyboard and mouse is 1 to 1.5 pounds, while the average weight of a monitor arm is 6 to 12 pounds (depending on whether its a single, dual or triple mount), which leaves around 15 to 20 pounds of monitor weight.

Once your new sit stand desk in assembled and ready to use, you can adjust the tension on the rear of the mount as seen in the image to the right. This allows you to set the "ease of movement" to assure a smooth incline and decline with the push of a button.

Product Video

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