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The Last Tablet Mount You'll Ever Need - The TabletTail by Octa
Tablet Mount


The TabletTail System by Octa

As far as tablet mounts go, this tablet mount is on the cutting edge of technology. It is comprised of seven different components which allow you to mount, float, hang, stand or display your tablet in the optimal viewing area.

Below find a detailed explanation of each piece as well as a detailed video of the entire system.

Simply choose the pieces you want, add them to the cart and we'll get your new TabletTail tablet mount on it's way to you.

Ok, let's begin with a Starting Price of $39.99 for the Spider which attached to the tablet, then go from there.

Price [USD]: $39.99

Shipping Lead Time: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

Now Lets Finish Building Your Mount

Bridge (OBRT-001) [Add $19.99]  
Monkeytail (OMOT-003) [Add $39.99]  
Vacuum Dock (OVAD-006) [Add $39.99]  
Clamp (OCLM-001) [Add $39.99]  
WhaleTail (OWHT-002) [Add $12.99]  


First let's start with the Spider which grips your tablet securely with its powerful, adjustable claws.

  • With it's universal grip, its ratchet claws will hold any tablet securely, whether your tablet is large or small, with or without a case (compatible with devices up to 8.75 inches in width).

  • With the push of a button, the spider will expand to grip your tablet, or retract for easy storage (no bigger than the palm of your hand and only 1" thick).

Next, select one or more components to choose how and where your tablet will be held or mounted.

The Monkeytail attaches to the spider and gives you 36 inches flexible metal skeleton with a soft grippy silicon shell.

  • Rotates 360 degree for easy screen adjustment.

  • Coil it to sit on a desk, table or any flat surface, or wrap it around any object to float your tablet. Or just stick it in-between anything for hands-free comfort in bed or on the couch.

The Bridge connects to the spider on one end, then allows you to attach either a Clamp, Vacuum Dock, or Surface Mount on the other.

  • Rotates 360 degrees at both ends, bends in any direction.

  • Doubles as a power-grip handle, fits comfortably in your hand with a soft grippy silicon shell.

The Vacuum Dock uses industrial-strength vacuum suction to connect to smooth, non-porous surfaces, including glass, marble, plastic, metal, and polished wood.

  • Use it to attach your tablet to desks, tables and counters, as well as windows, mirrors, and...

  • Push the button repeatedly to pump up the pressure and strengthen the vacuum connection.

The Clamp connects to any flat, round, and irregular surface with its powerful steel and fiberglass jaws.

  • Connect it to a table or a treadmill, to a hammock or a high chair, to a pole or handrail.

  • Use your tablet right-side up, upside-down, or sideways in previously impossible places.

  • Steel and Fiberglass jaws grip the surface for no-slip security.

The Wall Mount attaches to any horizontal or vertical surface, turning it into a tablet docking station.

  • Affix this tablet wall mount or tablet surface mount in your home, work, or vehicle.

  • Low-profile, with a small footprint.

  • Attach to any drill-able surface using two screws.

And last but not least, The WhaleTail is a lightweight, compact handle that doubles as a powerful stand.

  • Its sturdy fins bend to offer any viewing angle and work on soft and uneven surfaces.

  • Its flexible tail adjusts to your hand for a comfortable, secure grip.

Discover the power of The TabletTail!
  • Flexible: Bends to the perfect viewing angle
  • Adjustable: Rotates 360° at both ends
  • Versatile: Doubles as a power-grip handle
  • Soft: Finished with silky, smooth-touch silicon
  • Modular: Connects other TabletTail™ components, sold separately
  • Interchangeable: Works with the entire TabletTail™ system
  • Material: Made of Steel, Aluminum, Rubber, and Plastic
  • Color: Black and Silver
  • Warranty: One Year