Universal Tablet Mount, Wall Mount and Under Cabinet Mount
Universal Tablet Wall Mount


This universal tablet mount is perfect when you will be permanently attaching the mount to any flat surface. Available in two sizes, one for the standard iPad and other 7-12 inch tablets, the second specifically for the Surface Pro and other tablets up to 1 inch thick.

The second option, designed for the Surface Pro has deeper brackets and is often ordered for iPads or other tablets with a case that makes the tablet much thicker than normal.

The applications are limitless, whether it be a wall mount, under cabinet mount, desk mount, vehicle mount or work surface mount.

Designed to mimic the human arm, with a shoulder, elbow and wrist joint, these tablet mounts allow you to position your tablet in any position needed.

Price [USD]: $189.99
Sale Price [USD]: $169.95
Savings [USD]: $20.04

Shipping Lead Time: 1 - 2 Business Days
Product #: J-MAG-WMCM-U

Select your Size of Tablet

iPad and other 7-12" Tablets up to .65" Thick (MNU102)
Surface Pro & Tablets up to 1" Thick (MNU204) [Add $30.00]


The Joy Factory's Award-winning mounts are now available for tablets beyond the iPad. These universal mounting solutions are perfect for any 7”-12” tablet keeping your iPad mini, Nexus, Galaxy or Surface Pro at the perfect angle for utmost convenience.

This universal tablet mount is designed for permanent installation. Using four screws, the Unite attaches securely to hard surfaces--walls, desks, underneath cabinets, and more. The two articulated arms make the Wall/Cabinet Mount easy to fold away when not in use.

With Unite, Things are Looking Up

Lightweight Strength

Unite mounts are built of high-quality carbon fiber arms. This advanced material is surprisingly lightweight yet incredibly strong.

The powerful combination of carbon fiber with carefully designed joints produces mounts that are both easy to maneuver and sturdy to use.

Spherical Joints

MagConnect™ mounts come equipped with spherical joints for ultimate customizability. The included MagConnect™ iPad holder can be swiveled 360° to easily transition from portrait to landscape mode without removing it from the mount.

And the sturdy carbon fiber arms can also be adjusted into infinite configurations providing you with the perfect angle every time.

Fits Most Tablets

The Unite mount attaches to the widest variety of tablets between 7”-12”.

Or order the second option designed for the Surface Pro or other tablets up to 1" thick.

Just slide in your tablet and turn the knobs on the back for sturdy connection every time .