Universal Tablet Mount, Wall Mount and Under Cabinet Mount
Universal Tablet Wall Mount


This universal tablet mount is perfect when you will be permanently attaching the mount to any flat surface. Supports 7 to 10.1 inch tablets. Available in two models, one with a key lock, the other with a combination lock.

  • Attach to any horizontal or vertical surface
  • Supports tablets from 8.25' to 12.5" (diagonal)
  • Supports tablets up to .4" thick
  • Choose a key or combination lock
  • highly flexible joints allow up to 360 degree rotation
Price [USD]: $199.00
Sale Price [USD]: $209.99

Shipping Lead Time: 1 - 2 Business Days
Product #: J-MAG-WMCM-U

Select your Mount Type

with Key Lock (KL)
with Combination Lock (CL)


If you need a universal tablet mount in a public space, but don’t want your tablet walking off when your backs turned, then this secure tablet mount is the solution for you. The wall Mount and under cabinet Mount is designed for permanent installation. Using four screws, the mount attaches securely to hard surfaces-walls, desks, underneath cabinets, and more. The two articulated arms make the Wall/Cabinet Mount easy to fold away when not in use.